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Thank you for your kind words! Our clients are what make our business possible.

We want our clients to be happy! That means we do all we can to make sure you love your new designs.  Nothing puts a smile on our faces more then when we receive a note from you telling us how much you're enjoying you're newly designed space. Take a look at what people are saying! If you're reading this we hope you are considering us for your next interior design project. Please call us anytime for a consultation. We look forward to working with you and making you as happy as our friends below.
— Glen A. Marsocci
     President & Founder


Yay! Now I really can't wait to come home! My husband and I are building a new home in Bethesda, we will need your services again soon. Can't wait to show you the professional photos. All the best!

— Lindsay

    TTR Sotheby's International Realty


I just went by the apt this morning and it looks AMAZING.  Glen, you are truly a design genius. I love everything you did and think you captured the style and character of my little home so well. The place looks so cozy, put-together, and welcoming. It actually made me want to move back in and I didn't expect that! When my fiance and I settle into a new home, I may be back to ask for some design consultation. You did a great job and if the place sells quickly, I think it will be a lot to do with what you did with it. I will definitely refer you to friends who need staging and design help. Thank you again!

— Sylvia


I was completely and utterly blown away with what you did at Barbara's. She just loves you, Marvin and me and of course, we do her. I raised the price $40-50K from where I would have been before our magic - so much of which you authored. Thank you so much for such amazing artistry and caring work.

— Judy


"I have worked with many designers and Glen is one of my favorites. He truly has a wonderful sense of style and an eye for detail. He respects a client's wishes but the end product is beyond a client’s expectations. He is truly a professional but also fun to work with."


— Marge, Williamsburg, VA


"Glen is great to work with. He is very sensitive to my preferences and develops excellent ideas that enhance them while preserving what I want. I love to bounce ideas off of Glen because he always gives great reasons why one choice is better than another. The best thing about Glen is that he has incredible design sense and his taste is impeccable."

— Anne Faris, Arlington, VA


"I am VERY PLEASED with the quality of the work done and LOVE Glen’s colors.”   

— Jenny, North Arlington, VA


Wow... just wow. I'll just second that "wow" and offer another batch of effusive thanks. The house looks wonderful, and we so appreciate your doing such a great job within our budget. If any of our friends in the area as us for an interior design referral, we know exactly to whom we'll send them!

— Emmaline


Hi Glen,We've just finished driving across the country to Seattle, and I finally got a chance to look at the pictures of our house post-staging. It looks absolutely wonderful. Seriously, I'm at a loss for words for what an improvement your changes made. Thank you for your wonderful work.Best,Matt

— Matt & Emmaline


Our realtor, Judy Cranford, put us in touch with Glen as we were hoping for a quick sale of our South Arlington home. We had a week and a half to pull things together and without Glen’s help there is no way we would have been ready for the open house. Glen is incredibly talented, he has great taste, he is professional, and he is kind and considerate. Our home looked amazing for the open house and we had a contract within two days. My husband and I look forward to having Glen help us choose paint colors and decorate our new home. He is truly a delight to work with!

— Moley


Your creativity, abstract thinking, and talent in interior design continues to impress and amaze me!

Thank you for creating one of the most phenomenal model suites that I have had the pleasure of showcasing in my history of Sunrise Senior Living! We appreciate you all working on this model on your days off, over the weekend; including the time spent shopping for the new furniture. There are not many people I know that would work for free or give up their extra time on a weekend or working day just to provide for a friend in need.


Glen, I intend to recommend that your company, Marsocci Interios, be used to design and decorate model rooms in all Sunrise communities. Your work at Mt. Vernon sets the standard for excellence in conveying class and comfort to all community prospects.


Brewster, I am very fortunate that I asked you to assist with the remodel project in Rock Hill, SC. Whoever would have thought that your tastes and ideas would be an inspiration for another community back in Northern Virginia.


As a community we have received numerous compliments from prospects, health care professional and family members alike. We are extremely proud to show such a classy and sophisticated two room model suite. I am quite confident the product of your work will result in higher move ins/occupancy and will help differentiate Sunrise at Mt. Vernon from our competition. Thank you!

— Christine

     Sunrise at Mt. Vernon


I met Glen Marsocci this past May, when my husband and I were getting ready to put our co-op apartment on the market. Our real estate agent had recommended hiring Glen to stage our apartment, so it would look its best for the listing photographs and upcoming open house.


In just two whirlwind days, Glen transformed our very “lived-in” home into a gorgeous showplace. The whole process was amazing – we felt like we were the stars of our very own home makeover TV show!

Glen’s fee was quite reasonable, especially because I am convinced that his services helped us sell our place faster and for significantly more money than if it hadn’t been staged.


Before I met Glen, I was a little worried that he might judge us because of our casual style of housekeeping. The reality was quite the opposite: Glen was very professional with his suggestions about what needed to change, and also had some reassuring things to say about what was already working, design-wise, in our apartment.

Along with bringing in a lot of furniture and artwork from his warehouse, Glen also used many of the items we already owned, so the end-result never felt phony or like living in a Las Vegas hotel. Instead, our apartment was still clearly our place – just airier and way more glamorous!


Glen stayed good humored and pleasant even while working in less than ideal conditions: our bathroom was in the middle of being renovated AND my husband and I were in the middle of getting ready for our upcoming move by sorting through piles and piles of old stuff – right in the middle of the areas Glen was staging! Plus, because our timeframe was so short, some of the rooms were being painted at the same time Glen and his assistant were working.


I would definitely hire Glen again. In fact, if we were staying in the DC metro area, I would love to have his help decorating our new apartment.

— Kit


Glen was able to help us transform our house by just moving a few things around and then adding some color here and there.  He used only our existing furniture and suggested that we buy a few small colorful objects (which was optional, but we did it).  Everyone who had seen our house before the staging (e.g., realtor, family, neighbors) felt that there was a big change for the better and the listing photos turned out spectacular.  We had multiple offers in just three days (which is exceptional given the current market) and I really think it was due in large part to the impact of the staging. Thanks Glen!


— Christelle

     U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

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