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Selling your home during the holidays can be a challenge. Staying prepared to show your home and balancing your family’s need to retain some semblance of their holiday traditions can be difficult. The good news is that any buyers that are out and about this time of year are generally serious buyers! The key is simplicity.

  • Be focused – concentrate on main living areas only. You don’t need a tree in every room. Buyers are more concerned about their furniture fitting in a bedroom than whether or not a tree will fit!

  • Pare down – use no more than three decorating focal points. Do not spread your Holiday collections over every surface! Buyers will only perceive clutter – they won’t appreciate your lovingly assembled collection! In the living room, focus on the tree, mantle and perhaps the coffee table. In the dining room, a simple centerpiece, etc. 

  • Don’t forget first impressions. Buyers draw quick conclusions from the exterior and entryway of your home. Use a holiday wreath, but don’t go overboard on yard decorations. A holiday arrangement in the entryway can be welcoming and instill positive feelings in your buyer and that’s what it’s all about!

Staging Your Home for the Holidays

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